Hero danish pastry package ("Elementary")

Hero book cover ("Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector")

Hero book ("City on a Hill")

Hero book cover ("Evil")

Hero recipe ("Pose")

Hero recipe ("Pose")

Static golf game on TV ("Elementary")

Static search screen; created each thumbnail graphic ("Elementary")

Romance novel book covers

Romance novel book cover

Prop vintage magic book ("Elementary")

Book cover

Book covers

Package label ("The Other Woman")

Liquor bottle labels

Package label ("The Other Woman")

Package ("The Other Woman")

Vintage phone book ("Zero Hour")

Spray paint can label

Vintage newspaper ("Zero Hour")

Vintage folder/paperwork ("Zero Hour")

Scientific magazine covers ("Zero Hour")

Shopping bag design for small local bookstore ("Hope Springs")

Shopping bag design for boutique clothing shop

Mock-up for engraved pocket watch ("Zero Hour")

Vintage record sleeve and label ("Zero Hour")