Semi-opaque static cling prints, to simulate stained glass windows

Mockup for neon sign that was then fabricated

Mockup for interior lighted sign

Mockup for interior fabricated sign

Mockup for routed/painted sign color options

Hotel lobby sign for set on TV pilot “Civil”

Mockup for large engraved wall emblem

Vector art for frosted vinyl, to be applied to glass on an antique door

Rendering, and fabricated pieces, for a complex machine made of antique dials

Vector art for PVC pieces that were CNC cut and used as window lattice

Cut vinyl applied to rollgate

Rendered tiles & grout for printed sheets, to be applied to set floor

Rendered tiles & grout for matching an existing tiled fountain base

Rendered marble and brass, to be inserted via CGI into airport terminal floor scene used for TV show opening

Vector art provided for CNC routing of each panel. Scenics then painted and treated to look like ancient wood.

Science center cafe wall partition (TV show)

Mockup rendering of cut vinyl applied to location glass

Set dressing posters for fictitious TV shows

Set dressing posters for fictitious TV shows

Blood drive posters for set dressing

Bollywood posters for set dressing

Visitors' sign, brochure and ID card

Sign for outdoor sandwich board

Wall maps

Hotel room elements

Hotel room elements